PicoVR Unity SDK(Deprecated)
PicoVR Unity SDK is a software development kit for Virtual Reality Smart Helmet products that integrates the LoginPayment SDK.
Updated content
v2.8.12 Updated content:
Update time:2021-10-29
- Added support for metrics tool.
- Removed frame rate limitation feature and "Show FPS" option.
- Added option for setting recommended anti-aliasing.

Solved Issues:
- Fixed a bug that the screen will distort if set the render texture to 1:1 while enabling singlepass.
v2.8.11 Updated content:
Update time:2021-08-31
- Added system related interfaces.
- Added option for setting screen refresh rate.

Solved Issues:
- Optimized the GPU utilization of boundary.
v2.8.10 Updated content:
Update time:2021-07-01
- Added interface for adjusting controller origin offset
- Added interface GetPredictedDisplayTime
- Added interface SetExtraLatencyMode
- Added interface for joystick moving up/down/left/right
- Controller battery display as percentage (0-100)
- Added new Tobservice interface for setting launcher
v2.8.9.12 Updated content:
Update time:2021-04-01
- Added Neo 3 support
- Added Platform - Achievements related interfaces
- Updated SeeThrough solution
- Added PVR Build APK and Run feature
- Added new system related interfaces
v2.8.8 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-07
- Added exception handling to copyright protection
- Supported global foveated rendering setting
- Supported copyright protection validation on intialization
- Updated payment module
v2.8.7 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-07
- Supported the seethrough camera view as app backdrop.
- Added system related interfaces.
- Added callback interfaces on HMD recentering view success.
- Optimized foveated rendering feature.
- Added stage level for tracking origin type. (PUI4.0.1 or above is required).
Known Issues
- Applications which are built with Unity 2019.3.7 ~ Unity2019.4.9 may crash after a short time due to a Unity bug regarding "GfxDriver" memory constantly increasing.
v2.8.6 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-07
- Support seethrough related interfaces
- Added interface GetVisable for safety boundary
- Added interface GetDimensions for safety boundary
- Compositor layers supports color scale settings
- SinglePass supports stencil buffer
- Added inspector information for advanced features
- Support using multiple cameras in a scene (only one camera active at meantime)

Solved Issues:
- Optimized FFR parameters for each level
- Solved issue that screencasting displays darker when enabling color space
v2.8.5 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-07
- Added support for Unity 2019.3.6 or older.
- Added interfaces for safety boundary related functions.
- Added support for G3-lite.
- Added support for dynamic foveated rendering.

Solved Issues:
- Optimized overlay performance.
- Optimized foveated rendering menu.
- Resolved bugs that in some applications, screen casting view display in stereo view when launched first time.
v2.8.4 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-07
- Added support for single-pass.
- Added support for cylinder overlay.
- Added support for external surface for overlay feature.
- Added support for single eye screenshot in runtime.
- Added fade effect for safety boarder seethrough functionality.

Solved Issues:
- Optimized overlay/underlay performance.
- Optimized screen casting functionality.
- Optimized logic for click and long press of the controller keys.

Known Issues:
- Display "Cannot track your position" when switching scenes from 6Dof to 3Dof tracking.
v2.8.3 Updated content:
Update time:2021-02-08
- FloorLevel is compatible with no height detection and added User height detection and tracking.
- Added touching effect when controller collide with safety border.
- Added floating effect for safety border reminder.
- Added interface for controller pose prediction.
- Support application copyright protection.
- Added interfaces for eye-tracking feature.
- Optimized underlay feature.
- Optimized FFR feature.

Solved Issues:
- Optimized sphere overlay performance.
- Optimized safety border visual effect.
- Fixed multiple scene switching issue.
- Optimized eye tracking accuracy.

Known Issues:
- Bug: When using underlay, fade-in behave incorrectly when application initiate.
- Bug: Using LWRP conflicts with safety border.
v2.8.1 Updated content:
Update time:2019-10-22
- Added support for Neo 2, including both head and controller 6DoF tracking. 
- Added compatiblity for 3DoF and 6DoF controllers.
- Added foveated rendering feature.
- Added support for 2D and 360 Overlay.
- Added support Unity 2019.2.
- Added interfaces for head and controller pose prediction.
- Added controller electro-motor vibration and freqency adjustment feature.
- Added safty border and see through function.
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
v2.7.9 Updated content:
Update time:2019-07-17
- Supported Unity linear color space
- VR Compositor Layers
- Added customization for application launch animation
- Supported Unity version 2019.1.x
- Supported LWRP
- Distortion/chromatic optimization
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers
v2.7.8 Updated content:
Update time:2019-06-10
- Support foverendered rendering (FFR)
- Increase 2D transmission function
- Increase 360 transmission function
- Support Unity version 2018.3、2018.4
- The projection scale is adaptive
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.7.7 Updated content:
Update time:2019-04-08
- UnitySDK provides full-screen display (16:9)
- Add controler 3Dof and 6Dof interfaces
- Support read and configure Render Texture Size
- Upgrade the payment module jar package
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.7.6 Updated content:
Update time:2018-11-08
- Resolved the previous scene with the handle switch, the second scene did not receive the handle related callback error.
- Support for the Unity of 2018.
- When the user center is in the background, the prompt will flash 'false' before displaying 'true' after successful login in the demo.
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.7.5 Updated content:
Update time:2018-09-07
- Optimize controller swipe experience, enhance sensitivity
- Optimize the logic of enabling the safety fence in 6Dof mode
- Fixed the issue of controller displaying abnormally in specific scenario
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers
V2.7.4 Updated content:
Update time:2018-07-24
- Added support for Pico Goblin2
- Added support for automatic loading of the coresponding device controller model
- Added interface of judging the existence of  the trigger button
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers
V2.7.2 Updated content:
Update time:2018-06-25
- Optimized the prompt of  6Dof security zone
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.7.0 Updated content:
Update time:2018-05-14
- Compatible with Pico Viewer device
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers
V2.6.0 Updated content:
Update time:2018-04-10
- Optimized the size and location of safe zone in demo scene.
- Optimized the 3DoF and 6DoF controller display and handling logics.
- Fixed the permission exception issue when compiling on Android 6.0 and above.
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.5.0 Updated content:
Update time:2018-01-24
- Support Pico Neo 6DoF head tracking.
- Support Pico Neo 3DoF and 6DoF controllers.
- Compatible with Pico Neo/Goblin/Pico Neo DK/DKS devices.
- Performance optimization, reduce latency and increase FPS.
- Fixed some bugs reported by the developers.
V2.3.0 Updated content:
Update time:2017-10-23
- Added support for Unity 2017.1.1 and 2017.2.0
- Added 3DoF handle connection status Delegate callback method.
- Added interface of setting and getting the screen's brightness level.
- Added interface of getting Psensor state.
- Added the prompt of 3Dof controller button.
V2.2.9 Updated content:
Update time:2017-09-28
- Added the option to use system loading animation to improve user experience.
- Added calibration of magnetometer to correct drift error while moving.
- Optimized button longpress mechamism of 3DOF controller to  improve accuracy.
- Solved ghost images issue on some phones.
V2.2.1 Updated content:
Update time:2017-08-17
- Added unpair function for controller.
- Added interface when connection timeout from controller.
- Added interface of dynamic adjusting RenderTexture size.
- Fixed low frame rate problem on some of platforms.
- Resolve Reset functionality problem in Editor.
- Optimized rendering frame rate on Goblin.
V2.1.0 Updated content:
Update time:2017-07-12
- Support Goblin Device.
- Support 3Dof controller and controller model.
- Optimize the script's organizational structure, add example Demo, make the call more convenient.
- Add the configuration file support, adapt more platform.
- Add the switch animation for Unity scene.
- Add the API to get the device SN number.
- Solve the problem of gaze failure in demo.
- Fixed some platform compatibility issues.


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Installation. You may install and use any number of copies of the SDK on your devices to design, develop and test your programs. Each copy must be complete, including all copyright and trademark notices. You must require end users to agree to terms of use that protect the SDK as much as these License terms.
Use. You may use the SDK solely for the purpose of creating "Authorized Applications" which for the purpose of this license are applications, such as client-based applications, in object code form that are designed to run on Pico hardware devices. You are not authorized to pre-install or embed applications created using this SDK on third-party devices. You may not rent, lease or lend any of Your rights in the SDK or access to the Pico Services. You may reproduce the SDK, provided that You reproduce only complete copies, including without limitation all "read me" files, copyright notices, and other legal notices and terms that Pico has included in the SDK, and provided that You may not distribute any copy You make of the SDK.
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claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence, or other tort to the extent permitted by applicable law.
Eyetracking. If you are going to develop the contents regarding eye tracking, you should follow
before get and transfer the eye tracking data, you should make sure that you get the approval of end users.
offer manual to end users to clarify the purpose to store and transfer eye tracking data, and declare that these data won’t be used for another purposes.
inform the end users the time when your applications start to store and transfer eye tracking date.
inform end users why they need to approve the storage and transfer of eye tracking data, and what you will obtain after the usage and analysis of the data.

It applies even if Pico knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages. The above limitation or exclusion may not apply to You because Your country may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages.

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